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    Manila, Philippines
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    Fajr 4:47 AM
    Sunrise                    6:01 AM
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    Maghrib 5:27 PM
    Isha 6:35 PM
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    Macarthur Disomangcop
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    Hadith Qudsi 7: On the authority of Uqbah ibn Amir (may Allah be pleased with him), who said: I heard the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) say: Your Lord delights at a shepherd who, on the peak of a mountain crag, gives the call to prayer and prays. Then Allah (glorified and exalted be He) say: Look at this servant of Mine, he gives the call to prayer and performs the prayers; he is in awe of Me. I have forgiven My servant [his sins] and have admitted him to Paradise. It was related by an-Nasa’i with a good chain of authorities.
  • Pananaroon

    O wana garing ka a mana merangkandao a kandadamedagian, na obang kaon zambia so tangked a lolot ka a manso alongan mada; ka ino ilolot ka a opama khalinding ka ko bagambangan ko kadeg na sarig kha di ka khawan ka pelindingen ka niyan, ka aya shisan sa pikir mapiya ko mialab na asara di ka malab a kadenan datu ami a mipangangandag gami so rimbang ngami ko ragat. Na so peman so salakao na aya shisan sa pikir na ombes oba ka khalab na sakem peman nin dato a timbang ngiyo ko ragat a rimbang ngiyo sa kadar.
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    Aden a saya peshong na ana roo zagembet.
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  • Welcome to Ranao Friday Club

    By admin | April 29, 2008

    RFC Logo

    The figure in the center of the logo, in blue, represents the Lanao lake; the 4 stars stand for the 4 ‘Phangampong sa Ranao‘; the 16 horizontal green lines depict the 16 royal houses of Lanao.

    The Ranao Friday Club (RFC), Incorporated has come into existence basically to lend hands in arresting the erosion of moral values, tested tradition, and established customs among M’ranaos of the Philippines, expecting in return that the “people of the lake” can regain their pride, and the respect and admiration reposed on them by the Filipinos, Christians and Muslims alike.

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    Ramadhan 2006 Program

    By admin | May 11, 2008

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    Islam’s response to some hate videos

    By admin | May 7, 2008

    Videos CRUSHING the slanders against our beloved Prophet PBUH and Islam.

    1- Click to watch Response on Youtube’s hate video “FITNA”
    2- Click (part 1 or  Part 2) to watch response to slander of pedophile against Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) marriage to Lady Aisha (RA)
    3- Click HERE to contribute by SPREADING them to the world (and request BY REGULAR EMAIL as many friends to do the same)
    By contributing (click for details) to spread this information as much as possible, you will help improve the video ratings tremendously, thus making the videos more visible TO THE WHOLE WORLD, Insha Allah.

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    Diane Charles Breslin, Ex-Catholic, USA (part 1 of 3)

    By admin | May 7, 2008

    Description: A strict Catholic loses faith after reading the Bible, but her continued belief in God leads her to explore other religions.
    By Diane Charles Breslin – Published on 16 Jan 2006 – Last modified on 31 Jul 2006

    When I am asked how I became a Muslim I always reply that I always felt myself to be a believer in the ONE AND ONLY, yet I first realized what that meant when I heard about a religion called Islam, and a book called Quran.

    But let me first start with a brief synopsis of my American overwhelmingly traditional Irish Catholic background. Read the rest of this entry »

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    Craig Robertson, Ex-Catholic, Canada: From Bad to Worse

    By admin | May 7, 2008

    Description: After being raised in a Catholic household and spending much of his early childhood attending church, Craig rejects faith and takes to life in the fast lane. http://www.islamreligion.com/
    By Craig Robertson – Published on 11 Dec 2006 – Last modified on 25 Dec 2006

    Craig Robertson, Ex-Catholic, CanadaMy name is Abdullah Al-Kanadi.  I was born in Vancouver, Canada.  My family, who were Roman Catholics, raised me as a Roman Catholic until I was 12 years old.  I have been Muslim for approximately six years, and I would like to share the story of my journey to Islam with you. Read the rest of this entry »

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    So Pat a Pangampong sa Ranao

    By admin | May 5, 2008


    • Masiu
    • Unayan
      • Sebangan na Unayan
      • Sedepan na Unayan
    • Baloi
    • Bayabao
      • Mala a Bayabao
      • Poona Bayabao
      • Lemba a Bayabao

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